Want to Relieve Your Employees’ Stress? VoIP Has Just What You Need

Your hotel might be the friendliest facility on Earth, with the most beautiful rooms and fantastic customer service, but there’s one thing that no owner or manager can avoid when it comes to its employees.

We’re talking, of course, about stress.

Stress can be a productivity killer. Even the best employees can be hard-pressed to put in their “all” when their work environment is causing too much tension. The question is, how do you fix this issue? After all, stress balls can only go so far, and hourly massages are probably out of the question (and, if not, then can we work there?). 

If you want a great way to relieve stress in your hotel, one suggestion that we would make — if you haven’t made the switch already — is to upgrade your phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). How will changing out your phone system lower the stress level of your employees? In four simple ways:

No More Being Tethered to a Desk

At most hotels, the attendants behind the desk have a variety of tasks that take them to other parts of the lobby. The problem, of course, is that even if he or she is simply in the next room, running back to the desk to answer the phone can be an annoyance, one that can increase the time needed to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. With VoIP, though, employees can move freely and have calls routed to wherever they happen to be. This will allow employees to work on a variety of tasks without the fear of shirking their responsibilities when it comes to taking good care of guests. 

Telecommuting Whenever Possible

In the past several years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have begun to grasp telecommuting as an alternative to employees spending time in an office all day. While many roles of hotel employees are ones that must be on-site, those with certain tasks — like taking reservations and service requests — can be accomplished from home through the use of VoIP. Such a set-up is no longer complicated, and employees can still be well-monitored, even if they’re doing their jobs in an old pair of sweats, with their hair disheveled.

Transferring Calls Easily and Automatically

Answering calls from guests throughout the day is something that lobby attendants and other hotel employees expect. Other calls, such as those that need to be transferred to specific personnel, can increase an employee’s stress level by interrupting their workflow of assisting prospective and current guests. VoIP puts this to an end thanks to a suite of tools that include the ability to have calls easily and automatically transferred to their intended recipients. Proper communication has never been simpler!

Dealing with Business Outside the Office

When a situation crops up that necessitates the intervention of a manager, both the guest with a problem and the employee trying to help him or her out can become stressed very quickly. VoIP allows a hotel manager to be in constant communication with the hotel and all of its needs, even when he or she is outside the office. Additionally, a manager can use VoIP to conduct business outside the walls of the hotel that would typically require “popping in”, such as checking e-mail. Bottom line, a manager is able to keep the hotel organized and controlled even when he or she is not present.

Are you looking for other ways to make both your guests and employees happier? The friendly professionals at Mars Hospitality can help you with all  those needs. Give us a call today and take your hotel to the next level!