Local Guide

If you decide to make Casper your vacation destination, you’re going to love it! Why? Because the area is filled with fun things to do and awesome places to visit. It would be impossible to list them all, so we’ve picked out a few of our favorites that you shouldn’t miss while you’re here.

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center
As everyone probably knows, the state of Wyoming is extremely rich with history and culture. If you want to learn all about where Casper fits in, along with a general overview of how settlers first crossed the west, this is exactly where you want to be. Whether your group consists primarily of adults or you’ve brought plenty of kids along, there’s something for everyone to learn and experience as history comes to life all around you.

Historic Trails West
Why just read about the historic travels of our ancestors when you can live the experience? Tour guides will load you and a bunch of other knowledge-thirsty people into big, horse-drawn covered wagons and take you on a journey back to the days of yore. The area is absolutely gorgeous and the ride is a great way to learn about history while relaxing with your family. And if you’d like, you can choose to take the tour on horseback right along with the wagon for a little something extra.

Hogadon Basin Ski Area
What’s Colorado without an area where you can hit the slopes? No matter where you are in Casper, you can reach the Hogadon Basin Ski Area within 20 minutes. Hogadon features runs for skiers and snowboarders at all levels of experience. So whether you’re a beginner who’s barely lucky enough to know what snow is or a seasoned professional who was just shy of making it in the Olympics, you’ll have an absolute blast. And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite for the slopes, long lines for the lifts are almost non-existent, which means you’ll get more out of your trip than you might expect.

Hell’s Half Acre
Sometimes, it’s nice to just get out and see what the terrain has to offer. In Wyoming, you’ll never know what you might find and the area of Hell’s Half Acre definitely proves that. This fascinating landscape can be found right off the highway and includes gorgeous rock formations that will have you reaching for your camera. You may even think that you’ve stepped into an entirely different world, which is why a number of movies (like Starship Troopers) have been filmed here. Stop your car, stretch your legs, and snap some pictures before you head off into the sunset.

Tate Geological Museum
Who says that a vacation can’t be fun and educational? The Tate Geological Museum, located on the Casper College campus, is a geology and paleontology museum that provides an enlightening experience for people of all ages. Many local schools and groups visit the museum each year on a fact-finding mission to learn about the history of the area, along with visitors from all over the state and even across the country who want to discover more about the places they’re visiting.