Holiday Inn Express in Limon

When you think about the quality hotels you’ve visited in the past, what do you remember about them? Is it the friendly and knowledgeable staff? Do you have fond memories of the beautiful rooms? How about the amenities that gave you that little something extra for your trip? Our hotel has designed a fantastic experience for every traveler, whether you’re here for a vacation or need to do a little business in the area. And outside our walls, you’ll find wonderful attractions, in addition to tasty places to eat, that will have you coming back for more or maybe even extending your current stay.


In order to ensure that every guest enjoys their stay with us, we provide the very best accommodations to fit your needs while you’re under our roof.


When you’re away from home, it’s important that your needs are met. Giving you access to fantastic amenities is exactly how we achieve this.


From time to time, we’ll provide great offers to our guests — both new and seasoned — so check here periodically and see if something interests you.