Local Guide

The town of Limon, Colorado prides itself on being a peaceful, friendly place where vacationers can get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Of course, we don’t expect you to stay indoors the whole time, which is why we’ve compiled a short list of things to do in the area and beyond.

Limon Heritage Museum
No matter where you go throughout this great country of ours, it always seems as though learning about the history of the area is within reach. The small town of Limon is no exception, thanks to the Limon Heritage Museum. What the museum lacks in size, it makes up for in an informative history presentation. If you’re a fan of American history or fancy yourself a bit of a train buff, this is definitely a site you don’t want to miss out on. Find out about Indian heritage, local plains history, train cars, and much more!

Doug Kissel Fishing Pond
If you were hoping to get some fishing done while in the area, or even if the mood just strikes you out of nowhere, you’re in luck! Open to the public, the Doug Kissel Fishing Pond is home to several types of fish, including bass, crappie, wipers, catfish, ad bluegill. If you visit in the spring, you’ll discover that it’s regularly stocked with trout. What are you waiting for? Grab your family, pick up some fishing gear (if you don’t already have some), and head down for a day of relaxation and fun.
Limon Wetlands Preserve
Whether or not you decide to partake in a little fishing at the aforementioned pond, we suggest that you check out the Limon Wetlands Preserve. As part of the Doug Kissel Fishing Pond, the wetlands is home to a variety of birds, including American Coots, redwing blackbirds, mallards, and more. To get the most out of this beautiful and intriguing attraction, we suggest that you bring a pair of binoculars, pick out a good spot, and stay a while.
Tamarack Golf Club
You might be surprised to learn that such a small town like Limon has a celebrated golf course within its borders, but it’s true. Many have regarded this 9-hole course as the “Jewel of the Plains” and once you’re here, it isn’t hard to see why. This isolated course provides a perfect challenge for both beginners and experts, and has proven itself time and again as a fantastic place to bring family and friends for a relaxing outdoor adventure.
The City of Denver
Since you’re staying in Limon, we’d be remiss not to mention the city of Denver as a hotspot that you simply must visit while in the area. Since it’s the capital of Colorado, you can imagine all the sights you can enjoy there. It’s only approximately an hour and a half away from Limon and is filled with exciting places to take your family, such as the Denver Botanic Gardens, Downtown Aquarium, Museum of Nature and Science, and Art Museum. There’s also a nearly countless amount of restaurants and shops to choose from, so be sure to explore thoroughly.