Local Guide

If you’ve come to Vernal, Utah for a family excursion, oh boy… are you in for a treat! Whether you love the great outdoors, learning about history, or simply relaxing, there’s something for everyone in the area. To get you started, we compiled a few of our favorite attractions.

Dinosaur National Monument
Who doesn’t absolutely love dinosaurs? We doubt you’ll be able to trek across all 200,000 acres where countless thunder lizards once dotted the Utah landscape millions of years ago, but feel free to try! The Dinosaur National Monument features dinosaur fossils, dinosaur footprints, ancient petroglyphs, and ancient pictographs. While you won’t be allowed to take home any of the fossils that are still found here, the memories you’ll have of your visit is just as good (well… almost).

Dinosaur River Expeditions
When you start talking about having an adventure in Vernal, what you probably mean is that you’re dying to go whitewater rafting, and nothing beats the experience you’ll get from Dinosaur River Expeditions. Family owned and locally operated, the only two goals here are simple: fun and safety. Experienced and knowledgeable river trip guides will introduce you to the sights and wonders of the area as you explore the breathtaking canyons of the Green River, venture through the Gates of Lodore, and tackle the mighty Yampa River.

Utah Field House of Natural History State Park
Every trip should include a lesson or two about the history of the area you’re in, as it helps you to appreciate this wonderful country of ours so much more. It’s hard to truly imagine that millions of years ago, giant reptiles (or birds) once roamed the very land that this state park now inhabits. Inside the park, you’ll learn about the dinosaurs that populated the area and other facts about the land and its history through amazing interactive exhibits.

Red Fleet State Park
Owing its name to a trio of rock formations that look like sinking ships right in a line, there are few places in the state of Colorado more beautiful than the landscape you’ll find at the Red Fleet State Park. This is a popular family attraction and once you spent about five minutes here, you can absolutely see why. The rock formations all around you are absolutely stunning, and when weather permits, you can enjoy fishing, boat rides, or simply walking around breathing in the fresh air. If you’re staying in Vernal, don’t pass this one up!

Fantasy Canyon
This is one of those special gems that locals like to keep to themselves, but the secret is out! The rock formations found at Fantasy Canyon are quite bizarre and definitely worth the extra drive. Yes, you’ll need to spend a little travel time to get here, because it’s out in the middle of nowhere. But if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, with plenty of photo opportunities, this is one place you won’t want to miss.