We’re guessing that when you visit Grand Junction, you have a bunch of plans outside our facility. While you’re inside, though, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t partake in everything that we have to offer, and we provide plenty of amenities for each of our guests.

Free Wi-Fi

We realize how important it is that you remain connected throughout your trip, which is why we offer free Wi-Fi and high speed Internet access to all of our guests.

Business Center

If you have some business needs while at our hotel, come on down and check out our self-service capabilities that include copying, printing, and PC access.

Free Fitness Center

With our on-site fitness center, there’s no reason why you can’t stay in shape while on the road. Here, you can enjoy treadmills, stationary bike, stair machines, and elliptical.

Off-Site Fitness Center

If you require a workout with a little more “oomph,” our off-site fitness center can provide you with exactly what you need, for a nominal fee.

Wine Tasting

If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur, then you definitely don’t want to miss our wine tasting opportunities provided by Two Rivers Winery.

Indoor Pool

Would you like to swim a few laps or simply hang out at the pool? Take your entire family to our pool and enjoy a relaxing day without ever leaving the hotel.

Free On-Site Self-Laundry Facilities

While professional laundry services are at your disposal, having access to our on-site self-laundry facilities will allow you to keep up with your cleaning requirements.