Your Hotel is in Desperate Need of Social Media — Even If You Don’t Realize It

Marketing Your HotelIt’s no secret that a healthy marketing campaign is the key to success in almost every business, and that goes doubly so for hotels. Relying on travelers to happen across your hotel on their way from one destination to another is not the best path to success. 

Marketing consists of several different elements, and one of those is social media. This is what we’d like to concentrate on today. Why? Simply put, social media is the best way to stay connected to your core audience, both past guests and prospective ones, as it allows you to communicate with them on a regular basis.

The problem is that a lot of hotel owners and managers don’t understand the importance of interacting on social media. Those who do realize the importance may have no clue as to how they can make it effective, so they decide not to tackle the issue at all.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to get into gear and show the online world what you’re capable of on a variety of social networks. How do you pull this off? You should start by incorporating these tips:

Spread Yourself Around, But Not Too Thin

There are a wide variety of social networks available to any business that wants to utilize them. The biggest platforms are obvious — those include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a few others — and there exists a whole slew of others that are always jockeying for position. What you want to do is concentrate on the two biggest, Facebook and Twitter, and go from there. We suggest that you choose the ones that you’d be more comfortable with and/or those that fit your business model most closely. You want to use at least a few of the social media platforms, but don’t to use too many at once or you may have a problem keeping up, which can negatively hurt the effectiveness of ALL the platforms.

Show Off Your Property

This is an important one when it comes to hotels. Prospective guests want to see what your facility looks like before booking a room. Social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram are perfect for just this sort of thing. Show off as much as you can — exterior, interior, rooms, extra facilities, etc. — and talk about the amenities and accommodations that travelers will love.

Offer Specials and Discounts

Travelers often rely on discounts to keep their budget in check, which allows them to spend more money on food, entertainment etc. Advertising specials and discounts on social media platforms will be met with enthusiasm. Another great way to garner attention is to offer these discounts to those who share information about your hotel on their own accounts and tag you. Have fun with it — and your prospective guests will, too!

Announce Changes and Upgrades

Hotels are in a constant state of flux. Changes and upgrades to technology, appearance, etc. can bring in more customers — and the more people you tell about these changes, the more likely it is that your phone will ring off the hook with reservations. How do you spread the word about such changes and upgrades? By discussing the charges on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, of course. If your hotel’s appearance has changed, Instagram is especially helpful to get the word out, in conjunction with the “Big Two.” 

Post on a Regular Basis

This is very typically the key to success. Consumers these days are very fickle. Those who are fully engaged in social media platforms are even more so. When they latch onto a company or brand they like, these consumers are expecting to see posts on a regular basis. If that doesn’t happen, then they’ll move on. That being said, if you inundate them with too many posts, no matter how awesome, you could lose customers that way, too. The trick is to find a healthy balance.

Would you like to learn more about how important marketing is to your hotel’s bottom line? Would you like to know what Mars Hospitality could do for you in this area of expertise, and what other tricks we have up our sleeves? Contact our professionals today and we’ll point you in the right direction.