Improve Your Hotel’s Productivity with a Few Simple Strategies

MARS Hospitality Hotel-Productivity

Once you start on your exciting journey of being a hotel owner or manager, it doesn’t take long before you realize that there are a lot of moving parts that must be tended to on a daily basis. Hotels are not only “on the move” at all times, they are in a constant state of flux… and if you can’t keep up with the demands of both your hotel staff and your guests, it may be difficult to achieve the profits that you desire.

If you want to instantly improve the way your hotel operates, then you should definitely focus on improving its productivity. Do this successfully and you’ll find that your employees are more content, your guests are more relaxed, and your profits are more plentiful. So, without further ado, we present to you a few simple strategies to improve your hotel’s productivity:

Improve Communication Between Employees

Very few businesses can succeed without proper communication, and hotels are definitely on the “absolutely necessary” end of the spectrum in that regard. So, how you maintain such communication, especially in a mid-range or large hotel when your staff is spread around a sizable area? The first thing you should do is to simply impress upon them the importance of communication, given the fact that it will make their jobs easier. If possible, you may also want to consider upgrading your phone system so that it includes features that allow easier communication between employees.

Utilize Billing Automation

As human beings, none of us are perfect and mistakes are to be expected. Mistakes in handling the invoices inherent to the hospitality industry can unfortunately cause huge headaches for everyone. And let’s not forget that invoicing and billing customers is a tedious, time-consuming process. Bill automation takes all the guesswork out of it. Sure, there’s an initial investment to be made, but you’ll get your money back several times over thanks to improved productivity.

Stop Using Paper

The popular term is to “go paperless.” It started off mostly as a way for businesses to jump on the environmental craze, but it didn’t take long before they realized that taking paper out of the equation — at least for most tasks — not only helped the environment, but had a positive effect on productivity and efficiency. This has become especially more prevalent thanks to current technology that allows employees to find information by quickly search on a desktop rather than through piles of documents, in addition to being able to communicate electronically with hotels and other businesses. Plus… don’t forget that your office supply bill will drop immediately! 

Cut Down on Time-Consuming “Busy Work”

Every hotel employee has a list of tasks and responsibilities to stay on top of each day, even when the hotel itself isn’t all that busy. Unfortunately, many tasks that employees are forced to complete can be described as “busy work”, small tasks that take up an inordinate amount of time — which translates to precious time that could be spent on more meaningful tasks. Depending on the hotel, this could include anything from personally making wake-up calls to watering plants on a daily basis. For these, we would suggest that you consider an automated wake-up system and switching to silk plants, respectively. Whether these apply to your facility or not, look around and try to find a few tedious tasks that could be accomplished in a different way, thereby impacting productivity.

Would you like to learn how Mars Hospitality can take steps to improve your productivity? Do you have questions on what we offer in way of hotel management or other subjects? Call our experts today and find out how we can help your hotel succeed.