How Technology is Changing the Way Hotels Do Business

Hotel Managment Technology Excellence It’s no secret — technology is everywhere. 

What started as a novelty for techno-nerds or those with money burning a hole in their wallet has become an everyday factor of life. We have highly advanced technology in our homes, our cars, our pockets, our wrists… even our glasses, if Google has anything to say about it. We live in a world of driverless cars, automated sliding doors, and augmented reality. It won’t be long until we’re getting bionic implants and visiting the doctor for nanotechnology treatments.

Technology is also changing the way that hotels do business. While every hotel won’t have all of the newest technology that’s available to it, here are a few of the advanced features you might find:

Remote Check-In and Check-Out

Gone are the days of visiting the lobby to check out of your room before you leave. These days, many hotels offer remote check-out and an increasing number is allowing remote check-in as well. This trend started by allowing guests to check out via their room’s TV, just as if they were ordering a movie. Some hotels now have the ability for guests to check in and out through their smartphones, and this is expected to continue. By making these processes easier, hotels and guests alike can look forward to a smoother stay.

Wi-Fi Access

It is highly unlikely that your hotel doesn’t offer free wi-fi. This piece of technology has become a staple of the hotel industry. Travelers want to stay connected at all times during their trip, and providing free wi-fi access to guests is the perfect way to make sure that happens. It’s also a good idea to provide a work area for business travelers, where they can take advantage of this access in a relaxed, quiet environment.

Keyless Entry

Here’s another area of the hotel industry that has quickly advanced over the years thanks to emerging and accessible technologies. Many hotels have already made the switch from the use of physical, traditional keys to “key cards” that provide access to a room or area of the hotel by simply sliding it through a reader. Now we’re seeing the next stage in this evolution — keyless entry to a room or area via your smartphone. Simply open the app, activate the keyless entry, and the door will automatically unlock. No more keys to keep track of, which can be a real relief to many guests.

Virtual Tours

When a prospective guest visits your website, he or she is not just looking at what services you offer, but how your location appears. While photos can go a long way, many managers and owners are starting to utilize virtual tours for their location. This allows a remote walk-through of the facility, along with some of its most important amenities. This is a great way to give the guest a feel for what it would be like to stay in your hotel before they actually make the trip.


Many people believe that robots represent the wave of the future. We have no desire to replace human interaction with guests. Instead, robots would be used to supplement service. This could be in the form of a robotic concierge to handle simple service requests or even robotic housekeeping duties — like Roomba for your hotel. We suggest that you embrace such technology and integrate it into your employees’ workflow.

Are you interested in learning more about hotel technology? Mars Hospitality can help you embrace current and future technology intended to make a guest’s stay more enjoyable. Give our experts a call today and we’ll get you started on the path to a more lucrative future.