Isn’t it about time that you teamed up with a partner that not only believes in what you want to accomplish, but has the know-how to get you there?
When you put your trust into MARS Hospitality, you’re not just getting our expertise at your disposal — you’re getting the knowledge and relationships that we’ve successfully cultivated over the years.

Since 2004, our award-winning management team has built a bedrock of success. During the development process, we partner with the right people to make sure that everything works out smoothly — on time and on budget. And when it comes to the operation of a hotel, our team works day and night to maintain profitable hotels at the highest possible quality of service.
No matter what you’re looking for, MARS Hospitality has it.

MARS Development

Looking for a development expert? Decades of knowledge are spread out amongst the franchisors, construction contractors, financial institutions, and project investors that we’ve worked with since 2004, and we use everything we’ve learned to get you the very best results.

MARS Hospitality

Interested in an operations expert? At MARS Hospitality, we understand how important a hotel’s daily operations are to its bottom line and the happiness of its guests. We excel at providing exceptional service, so you never have to doubt that your hotel is being run with care and efficiency.