Commercial Real Estate Development

While hotel development may be our “bread and butter”, so to speak, MARS Hospitality has proven itself to be just as efficient when it comes to commercial real estate development.

The concept is ideally the same — to take a property that an investor is interested in and handle all aspects of zoning, land use, permitting, impact fees, environmental and construction issues, etc. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver what’s necessary in a timely manner, effectively reducing the vast majority of the stress that can typically be felt during the process.

MARS Hospitality has cultivated numerous relationships over the years that have enabled us to be the very best at what we do. We bring professionalism to the table. We bring experience to the table. And, perhaps most important of all, we bring passion to the table. Our team of experts can take a commercial real estate property that you’re interested in, and turn it into something really special — minus the hassle on your end.

As with hotel development, we offer these services for commercial real estate development:

  • All Aspects of Construction Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Brand Selection
  • Zoning
  • Government /Planning Liaison
  • Design
  • Proforma Consultation
  • Assist in Securing Financing
  • Volume purchasing power