Development & Acquisitions

Whether you’re considering the purchase of a single hotel property or a large portfolio, the undertaking of such an endeavor can be quite daunting, to say the least. When it comes time to acquire your properties, the best thing you can do is call upon the professionalism and knowledge of MARS Hospitality.

Our team has been doing this for a while now and the financial knowledge we’ve collected over the years have proven to be indispensable. MARS will use its past experience to complete your transaction in a smooth and satisfying way. Our flexibility and know-how allows us to represent buyers at all stages of the process, from selection and location of the property to hospitality details that will help ensure our client’s success.

If that sounds good, then this will sound great — before you’ve barely realized that the process has started, it will all be over — with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. How’s that for a deal you can’t resist?
To give you a more inclusive idea of what we offer, here’s a list of our services in this regard:

  • All Aspects of Construction Management – Architecture/Design/Construction
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Brand Selection
  • Zoning
  • Government /Planning Liaison
  • Design
  • Proforma Consultation
  • Assist in Securing Financing
  • Volume purchasing power