Hotel Development

When you decide to invest in a hotel property, the last thing you should need to worry about is all the minutiae that’s involved. What you need is a company that can take care of every aspect of property development so that you can sit back and reap the benefits, minus the stress that can come along with it.
MARS Hospitality has proven itself over the past decade to be exactly the type of hotel developer that an investor needs at his or her side. Our team of professionals has developed amazing relationships with franchisors, construction contractors, financial institutions, and various project investors since our inception in 2004, and those relationships are not only becoming more plentiful on what seems like a daily basis, but they are strengthening as well.
Our team includes an in-house attorney, CPAs, and contract professionals that assist us with all land use, permitting, environmental, and construction issues inherent to the development of a hotel project. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in handling local, regional, and state agencies in regards to zoning, land use, impact fees, transportation and infrastructure requirements, in addition to financing and other development-related issues.
What does all this mean to an investor? It means that when you partner with MARS Hospitality, you are getting the very best in the industry. You will receive the utmost care and attention throughout every step of the development process and beyond.
To simplify things, here is a list of development services that we are proud to offer:

  • All Aspects of Construction Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Brand Selection
  • Zoning
  • Government/Planning Liaison
  • Design
  • Pro Forma Consultation
  • Assist in Securing Financing
  • Volume purchasing power