Accounting / HR Management

If there’s one thing that is just as important as guest relations, it’s making sure that your hotel’s employees are taken care of to the very best of your abilities.¬†Without a quality Accounting and Human Resources management team, your employees could find themselves with issues that go unresolved.
The last thing you want is to create an atmosphere where employees are unhappy, whether it’s due to a negative financial situation or other employee-related issue that isn’t being handled in a professional, timely manner. To keep employees at their best, you must ensure that their concerns are being listened to and respected at all times, no matter how small.

MARS Hospitality has learned a lot about customer service over the years, and this extends not only to a hotel’s guests, but its employees as well. Our Accounting and Human Resources management team is always available to answer any related questions they may have, and will resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Here are the services that the team offers:

  • Cash management
  • Centralized accounting services
  • Operating Financial Statements
  • Accounts payable management
  • Year-end tax preparation
  • Budgeting and profit planning
  • Capital improvement budgeting and more.
  • Insurance purchasing and management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits Administration