Sales / Marketing Management

MARS Hospitality realizes that sales and marketing have changed a lot in the last two decades.┬áCompetition in the hotel industry can be fierce, and if you’re not employing a seasoned sales and marketing management team, you’re likely to be left in the dust.

While traditional advertising still has its place, the world has shifted to an online focus. What your hotel needs is a team that understands how to integrate these two worlds, helping to build your brand and bring in guests. Luckily for you, that type of expertise and proficiency is exactly what you get with MARS Hospitality.

The sales and marketing team at MARS will constantly evaluate the current marketing strategies being employed for your hotel to bring in new customers and draw past customers back in. We utilize print materials, e-mail advertisements, social media, and all other related techniques that have proven successful in the ever-changing world of marketing. We’re absolute predators when it comes to this stuff, and if something isn’t working effectively, we’ll replace it with a new campaign or shift our focus on other marketing techniques that work better for your hotel.

We know how to sell. We know how to market. We know how to sing your praises. Place your trust into the hands of our sales and marketing team, and watch your profits soar against the competition.
What was that? You said you want a little more detail? Then check out some of the tasks that we’ll do for you:

  • Monitor daily and weekly sales and pricing
  • Create custom promotional merchandise and material
  • Create outdoor, print, internet, and social media advertising campaigns
  • Plan community events and seek community involvement opportunities
  • Recruit, interview, develop, and train sales staff